Farglory Realty U-TOWN project (2010)

Located in Sijhih (Taipei, Taiwan), is a duplex architecture with a total of 727,100 square meters total floor area, out of which 860 square meters are dedicated to Chunghwa Telecom as the Cloud Computing Data Center. This project is personally overlooked by the Chairperson of Farglory Group, Teng-hsiung Chao, and it features an architectural design team led by architect, Kuo-hao Sheng, in collaboration with a group of international designers from Japan. The design concept included environment and lifestyle with technology to present a ground-breaking intelligent building named “U-TOWN”: INFINE planned and produced a short film introducing the creative team behind U-TOWN. The film crew traveled to as far as Tokyo to document and interview the master minds of the project including the Chairperson of Farglory Group, Teng-hsiung Chao, designers Shuwa Tei, Suzuki Naoyuki and Uchihara Satoshi. Through the film, the clients would understand the design concept, context and expectations of U-TOWN.